Monday, 30 November 2009

Blog news update.

Update number 2

On the 1st of each month a small update report will be posted so you can see a full list of all thats been happening and various changes that have happened on the blog its also a great chance for you to give feedback.

Changes to the blog

  1. Gallery is almost complete - some background work on the uploading script needs doing though images will begin to appear in there over the next few days.
  2. Twitter is now up and running, you can see the latest twitter on the page and the number of followers.
  3. Various little features are online now with only the 4 side images to still be complete.
  4. Google Analytics is now up and running, this should give me an idea of numbers and where people are coming from, so pass the blog on to your friends and make it a more interesting blog
  5. Email post link is now available so if you like a post email it to a friend or a member of family and let them see it too
  6. Lastly a small little feature which is a visitor counter this will give you an idea of the users, the counter will only count you once every few hours so the counter does not rocket up to fast.

Planed Features

  1. Email notification - so you can sign up to receive the latest posts straight to your email.
  2. Addition of side images - subject to change


Current blog followers:11 (up 11)
Current twitter followers:2 (up 2)
total visits:41 (up 41)
top visitor count: United Kingdom (37)
most unique visitor location: Denmark (1)

Now go out and beat them!
NB: These stats are only from November 28th onwards

Being such a short time since the blog started there not a huge amount to say though look out on the 1st of Jan.

If you find any issues or bugs with any feature please comment on this post so I can get round to fixing it.

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