Friday, 5 March 2010

Hampshire - There and Back

After coming back to hampshire for the first time in oh so many years, maybe 2 Its good to be back. The purpose of the visit for the interview at solent, and a chance to do something new.

Tuesday - The journey
Today was the day of leaving, a camera, oil pastels and some paper later I have worked on a short moving image of the journey, once home I will compile.

Wednesday - Out in the town
Todays plans were ended with bitter cold winds, the plan to head up st catherines hill will have to wait though, this has given me a chance to look around the town again and get use to the area, some many places I hope to visit friday, Camera in hand I will rule the area.

Thursday - The interview
Today was the big day of the interview, we arrived a group no larger than 10 standing there chatting away, was great to get to see and know new people who may or may not be the people I will spend the next 3 years. The interview itself was ok, but with my portfolio being fine art based, I was declined but not outright. After talking to one the other candidates (Arianne) I went back a spoke to Adam (the interviewer), Showing him some my animations, I must go back for a second interview after finishing one particular animation. So round 2 here I come.

Friday - A new start
The morning has come and after the interview yesterday, determined to get in I have begun doing what they have asked me and I will see them again at the end of the month. So to start the morning I have been reading the book, Drawn to Life - volume 1. Lunch is upon me and in to town I go a sketchpad in hand and a pencil case in the other. The park, hairdressers and then a the newspaper, all been good starting points for my drawing. The day has ended, I was unable to get the photos I had hoped to get but I have started drawing and now its full steam ahead for the next month. The night is young and so I will be going out to play pool with some friends, maybe a chance for a few more drawings to enter the sketchbook.

Saturday - The journey home
I have spent a good part of the day reading today, and planning. Its finally here the idea of all Ideas, I know now what I want to achieve with my next animation.

Sunday - Another brief moment
Its another day and I woke thinking today I will watch a studio ghibli film, namely The cat returns. If you have not watched or seen any studio ghibli films you must right now. For the others I have been working on a small programming side piece for the book which will show the animations I have watched as I watch basis. More programming ideas, the gallery got left behind after complexities in system, ie creating 3 images each time by hand I have done some research and standed planning a new gallery which is much more simple which will allow me to show the work in a quicker and easier form.

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